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Made in Cumbria Food

Cumbria produces a large range of good quality food and we are comitted to expanding the range of local foods that we stock. Let us make up a hamper of these foods for you (Hampers) or you can order individual products using the request form (Requests). Below are details to the websites of local products that we stock.

Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding

What more can you say than this quote from food goddess Nigella Lawson "Most prepared food is a disappointment, but Carmel Village Shop's Sticky Toffee Pudding is an exception. In fact it is dangerously easy to warm one in the oven and slather it with cream."

Claires Handmade Jams and Chutneys

Claire Kent produces a small range of unusual preserves and pickles like traditional piccalilli, spicy button mushrooms (marinated button mushrooms), red onion marmalade, sweet red onion, beetroot and ginger chutney and plum chutney. The food can be bought at specialist food shops in the country and at most made in Cumbria farmers' markets.

Cumberland Honey Mustard

Marilyn Avens and Geoffrey Cole started their business over 20 years ago, in the kitchen of an Alston Cafe. The range has since expanded, they have moved premises but the quality is still the same. Seven mustards are available - original, garlic, horseradish, green peppercorn, seriously hot vulcan, whisky and organic as well as a range of pickled fruits, vinigerettes and a dill sauce. All these products are widely available accross the country as well as by mail order.

Kendal Mint Cake

Mint cake is supploed in a variety of sizes and flavours: White, Brown, Extra Strong, Buttermint Candy, Winter Candy, Rum & Butter. It is also sold in packs of mixed mint cake, where you get 2 bars of white, 2 bars of brown and 2 of chocolate.

Romneys Biscuits

A range of delicious melt in the mouth biscuits including Shortcake, Ginger, Chocolate Chip, Farmhouse Oatie and Shrewsbury.

Romneys Fudges

Traditional Hand Made Butter Fudge is also available in the following flavours: Butter Fudge, Banoffee Fudge, Brandy Fudge, Coffee Fudge, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Orange Fudge, Cointreau Fudge, Ginger Fudge, Ginger and Apricot Fudge, Honey Fudge, Rum & Raisin Fudge, Tia Maria & Coffee Fudge, White Chocolate Fudge, White Chocolate Fudge covered in Dark Chocolate. Fudge is also sold in slabs.



Waberthwaite Cumberland Sausage and Dry Cured Bacon

Suppliers of Cumberland Sausage, Bacon Ham, Cumberland Ham, Air-Dried Ham, Dry Cured Bacon, Home Cured Bacon, Parma Ham, Dried Ham, Prosciutto Style Ham, Smoked Bacon and Royal Ham.



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